For some women the idea of being in a hospital to give birth can cause considerable anxiety. They feel safer in the comfort of their own surroundings and choose to bring their baby into world in the warm, loving environment of their own homes. If you are among these women, interviewing and choosing a midwife with whom you feel confident is of utmost importance. This should be done as early in your pregnancy as possible.

A study released by the Swiss National Fond in 1993 confirms the fact that home births in Switzerland are unquestionably as safe as delivering your baby in hospital. Specific guidelines, outlined below, must be met, however:

  • Perfect state of health (non-risk pregnancy)
  • Previous birth(s) proceeded normally
  • One baby (excludes delivery of multiples)
  • Correct positioning of baby
  • Normal location of placenta
  • Delivery only between the 37th and 42nd week of pregnancy
  • Back-up registration in the nearest (maternity) hospital

Approximately 2% of all children are born at home in Switzerland.