'Natural' Childbirth

I cannot understand why people talk about 'natural' childbirth. Childbirth is natural.
To have to specify it as such really says something about what we have done to the process. You just cannot say, 'Go ahead and do it'. Many women do not know how. You really need to be there by her side and help that person to labour and to do it naturally. Midwives give that control back to the woman. by Shari Conte, Midwife

In Switzerland, we are fortunate to have a high standard of medical care coupled with an outstanding alliance of professional midwives.

Midwives have maintained an important role in the process of birth despite the fact that this process became more technically oriented as women began birthing in hospitals. Regardless of where a woman gives birth, postnatal home visits by a midwife are a great comfort to and reassurance for the new parents.

As defined by Swiss governmental guidelines, health insurance coverage of postnatal midwifery care amounts to ten days (unless prescribed by a doctor for a longer period of time). The number of days spent in hospital is subtracted from the ten days allotted.

If you plan to give birth in a hospital, it is important to arrange for postnatal care with a self-employed midwife well in advance of your expected "due date". Contact and interview midwives in your area at least three months before baby is due. This offers you the opportunity to find a midwife who best 'suits' you, as well as avoiding the risk of the midwife having no space for new clients.

The selected midwife can then schedule her visits (one-to-two hours per day) for the time after you leave hospital. Those of you choosing a home birth or birthing centre will usually be attended by the same midwife for labour, birth and postnatal care.



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